R2D2 Logic Display

R2D2[break]The Fiber Optic Logic Display[break]YES!   This is an R2D2 Replica[break]

Built by Dave Lockwood![break]A customer of the Fiber Optic Store[break]


[break]The Fiber Optic Logic Display[break]The R2 logic display is made by cutting 1.0mm fiber optic filament into 6″ strips. Then the fiber is glued into perforated electronic project board. The fiber is pushed through the board so that about 3/32″ are sticking out, then the glue is applied. Hot stuff glue was used for a fast and secure bond. The bundle is then wrapped with heat shrink tubing and the end cut flush. The front face of the display is carefully heated so the fiber mushrooms and becomes clear. The assembly is then glued to a cast resin display block. The unit is then illuminated by a small flashlight bulb and reflector. The moving color is provided by a motorized color wheel.[break][break]Thanks Dave!  May the Force Be With You … Always!